Speed sensors VS torque sensors in electric bicycles

Speed Sensor:

  • Simpler and less expensive design compared to torque sensors.
  • Provides a consistent level of power assistance based on speed.
  • Easy to implement and integrate into the e-bike’s control system.
  • Can be more reliable and less prone to calibration issues.
    Provides assistance based solely on speed, not the rider’s actual pedalling effort:
  • Can result in a less natural and responsive feel, as the power assistance may not match the rider’s input.
  • May not be as efficient, as the motor can provide more power than necessary.
  • Riders may not feel as connected to the pedalling experience.
    Torque Sensor:
  • Provides a more natural and responsive riding experience by adjusting the power assistance based on the rider’s pedalling force.
  • Can be more efficient, as the motor only provides the necessary level of assistance.
  • Allows for a more intuitive and customizable power delivery.
  • Provides a better sense of control and engagement for the rider.
  • More complex and expensive to implement compared to speed sensors.
  • Requires more precise calibration and adjustment to ensure accurate torque measurement.
  • Potential for more maintenance and troubleshooting issues due to the additional sensor components.
  • May be more susceptible to environmental factors, such as temperature and moisture that can affect the sensor’s performance

In general, speed sensor-based systems are simpler and more cost-effective, while torque sensor-based systems offer a more responsive and efficient riding experience. The choice between the two often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the e-bike manufacturer and the target market for the bike.

Some e-bike models may even use a combination of speed and torque sensors to provide the best of both worlds, offering tailored power assistance that responds to the rider’s input while maintaining a consistent and reliable overall performance.

Eu-akkus provide both speed sensors and torque sensors to customers. Customers can select the right sensors as what they need from our wide range of products.

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