Converting Your Brompton folding bicycle to an electric bike

What are the benefits of converting a Brompton folding bicycle to an electric bike (e-bike) through a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach.

Cost savings:
Doing the conversion you can be significantly less expensive than buying a pre-built electric Brompton model from the manufacturer. You have more control over the components and can potentially find more affordable options.

A DIY conversion allows you to customise the e-bike to your specific needs and preferences, such as choosing the motor, battery, and other accessories that suit your riding style and requirements.

Learning experience:
The process of converting your Brompton to electric can be a fun and educational experience, allowing you to develop hands-on skills in e-bike conversion and maintenance.
Retaining the Brompton’s compact folding design: By converting your existing Brompton, you can maintain the bike’s iconic folding capabilities, which is one of the key features that make Brompton popular for commuting and multi-modal transportation.

Potential increased range:
Depending on the battery and motor you choose, a DIY electric conversion could provide a longer range compared to the standard Brompton, extending the distances you can comfortably travel.

Increased versatility:
Adding an electric assist can make the Brompton more suitable for hilly terrain or longer commutes, where the extra power can be beneficial.

It’s always important to remember that a DIY electric conversion may require technical knowledge and skills, and a bond to local regulations of electric bikes. EU-AKKUs provides an easily installed conversation kit, EDS001, to the consumer, the customer only needs to click on the following link and follow the steps one by one, and after a few steps, an electric Brompton bike is completed.
Let’s enjoy the DIY and the fun of riding a Brompton Electric Bike.

Let’s enjoy the DIY and the fun of riding a Brompton Electric Bike.

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