Powersmart replacement battery for Panasonic 26V 21Ah / 756Wh for E-Bike Pedelec Flyer Kalkhoff Rixe Raleigh Kettler KTM and much more

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Battery Brand: PowerSmart
Battery Type:
Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Battery Voltage: 25.2V
Battery Capacity: 23.2Ah / 584.2Wh
Battery Color: Grey
Weight: 3.4 kg

replacement battery for e-bikes with 26V Panasonic system, such as Flyer series, Flyer C series , Flyer-T series, Flyer-L-series, Flyer-S-series, Flyer-X-series, i:SY 26 system, Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Kettler, Rixe, Victoria, Puch and others Manufacturer

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Compatible e-bike Brands:

  • Kalkhoff
  • Victoria
  • Raleigh
  • Kettler
  • Flyer 26V
  • Rixe
  • Riese and Müller
  • Helkama Finland
  • many others more
The battery is basically compatible with the Panasonic 26V drive system. Compare the NKY number shown on your battery  with the numbers from our table to see whether the battery offered here is compatible with your e-bike.

Compatible with the following Derby Cycle battery models:

NKY210B2 NKY210B02 NKY224B2 NKY224B02
NKY226B2 NKY226B02 NKY231B2 NKY231B02
NKY232B2 NKY232B02 NKY246B2 NKY246B02
NKY252B2 NKY252B02 NKY259B2 NKY259B02
NKY265B2 NKY265B02 NKY266B2 NKY266B02
NKY269B2 NKY269B02 NKY267B2 NKY267B02
NKY281B2 NKY281B02 NKY284B2 NKY284B02
NKY289B2 NKY289B02 NKY303B2 NKY303B02
NKY304B2 NKY304B02 NKY306B2 NKY306B02
NKY311B2 NKY311B02 NKY312B2 NKY312B02
NKY318B2 NKY318B02 NKY314B2 NKY314B02
NKY316B2 NKY316B02 NKY317B2 NKY317B02
NKY334B2 NKY334B02 NKY335B2 NKY335B02
NKY336B2 NKY336B02 NKY337B2 NKY337B02
NKY358B2 NKY374B2 NKY374B02 NKY376B2

Compatible with the following bicycle models:

Flyer :

Flyer C Series
Flyer T series
Flyer L series
Flyer S series
Flyer-X serie
si:SY 26 system

Agattu 2011
Agattu C3 / C3 3-G Nexus
Agattu C7 / C7 7-G Nexus
Agattu C8 / C8 8G Nexus
Agattu p7 26 6-g / p8-26 8-g
Agattu p8-26 XXL 8-g
Agattu pro Connect C9
Agattu XXL 8-G Nexus
Agattu XXL C 8-G Nexus
Agattu XXL C8
Connect Lady / Lady C / Lady2F
Pro Connect C 8 Disc / Nexus
Pro Connect C 9
Pro Connect C Disc 11
Pro Connect C11Disc
Pro Connect C8
Pro Connect C8 8-G Nexus
Pro Connect C8 Disc 8-G Alfine
Pro Connect S 10
Pro Connect S 10DL
Pro Connect S 11
Pro Connect S 27
Pro Connect S10
Pro Connect S10DL
Pro Connect S11

Dover 360
Dover 40
Dover 40 Premium
Dover DD
Dover de Luxe
Dover De luxe 8
Dover de Luxe Front
Dover de Luxe P7 7-G Wave
Dover De Luxe P7 7-G Wave 26
Dover De Luxe P8-26 8-G
Dover De Luxe P8-26 XXL
Dover de Luxe P8-26 XXL Wave
Dover de Luxe P8-36 8-G
Dover de Luxe Premium
Dover de Luxe XXL
Dover HS
Dover Leeds HS
Dover Lite
Dover Lite Premium
Leeds 40 Premium
Leeds HS
Leeds Premium
Leeds Roller
Leeds Sport
Leeds Tour
Stoker DD
Stoker Lite

Technical Data

  • Design: Down Tube
  • Capacity: 23.2Ah / 584.2Wh
  • Voltage: 25.2V
  • Battery Dimensions: 261 x 102 x 144 (H x W x L in mm)


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